Meet Octavia, everyone's favourite music bot! Heard a new song you just can’t get enough of? Add soundtracks to your moods with Octavia, your new pal on Discord. Unlock your musical chest with a bot that knows no limits. Embrace a top-end listening experience with all the premium features that a music bot can offer!

What it does

  • Play your favourite songs and playlists, just say the name or play using spotify links too.
  • Get the lyrics for your favourite songs.
  • No need to share anymore, we've got Octavia listening for everybody, just join a meeting room and start playing with #octavia.
  • Stream Music in high quality with minimal lag.
  • Want to use Octavia in your own server? Just invite her and she will be all ears.
  • Need more of her? Just ask us for more instances running just for you.

And in case you did'nt know, it's all free.

Tech Stack

tech stack
tech stack
tech stack