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We make tech exuberant and open source. We know no limits.

Our latest brew



After Alpha, Beta and Delta, we really wanted a new term to hype about. We got you MOZOFEST'22 ✨ Enter into our very own Mozoverse and don the Avatar you want, from the Matrix's Neo to your favourite Valorant player to an avid traveller! Let's celebrate this three-day extravaganza together.



Polls is our new product crafted with love for you to create polls in style 🥳 View the live count of your polls as the votes are cast. With a refreshing user interface and live analytics, know how the world thinks at your fingertips. Taking polls at a presentation or at your upcoming group discussion is going to be easier than ever!

How we work

Sketch me like one of your live projects!



Wonders happen as we single-mindedly put our soul on paper. Sketching our ideas is the perfect place to start. We take rejections like a boss until the final model gets drafted.

2040 just called; they said they want their design back.


Getting our creative juices flowing helps us create magnificent designs. The design puts flesh and blood to the existing idea. These designs help turn our dreams into reality.

404 does not exist on our number line.



Robust Code

We go through endless debugging to ensure our code can withstand a storm.

Spick and Span

We ensure that we follow the best practices for every project. Sticking to convention and arranging our work as a beautiful cheese platter is a priority for us.

Open source projects

Edit and create something of your own from our Github repositories.