Off The Clock

Finding your spark in this chaotic, on campus world must seem extremely knackering and perplexing (aka so not cash money), but as always, SRMKZILLA is up to the task! We present to you, “Off The Clock” - a harmonious event that soothes your ‘soul’. Our guiding lights (speakers) will speak to you about all things ‘purpose’ - how to discover your own and what to do with it!

Event Ended





Krishna Priya

Fresh out of her own tenure at your favourite campus club -SRMKZILLA, we have our former vice president - Krishna Priya, here to help you find your very own spark! Currently a Data Engineer at Phillips, she excels in constructing seamless data pipelines. With a fervor for technology, she is the winner of Smart India Hackathon 2022. Get inspired by her journey of innovation and growth.


Sushruth S

Introducing Sushruth S, the former Head of Events at SRMKZILLA, your campus favorite. Now, he brings his expertise to help you uncover your true purpose. As an Amazon engineer, Sushruth excels in his role, having previously led eventful journeys at SRMKZILLA. Let his guidance and experience lead you to new horizons of self-discovery and achievement.