Lost in the Open Source jungle? Fear not, because “ETHOS: Enter The Hub of Open Source!” is here for your rescue! SRMKZILLA is collaborating with FOSS United for an amazing session on all things Open Source that runs hotter than a CPU (and way less likely to crash), where our wise speaker (think Yoda, but without the pointy ears) will be your guide! And that’s not everything; post-workshop we've planned an internal speaker session more epic than a lightsaber duel! Join us at ETHOS, where bits and bytes of fun await.

Event Ended





Immanuel Raj

Meet Immanuel Raj, Lead Developer at a renowned Open Source Project, Pixel Extended, and Maintainer at Pixel Experience. Raj’s key interests include Computer Science Engineering, Web Development & Android OS Development. His passion for all things tech is so intense that even his laptop has a crush on him. Oh, and here's the real kicker, he’s graduating from SRMIST so he's one of our own!


Mohamed Sami

Mohamed Sami, the Dexter to our SRMKZILLA laboratory, always whipping up intriguing projects. Currently interning as a frontend developer at, he's a powerhouse of skills, ranging from frontend development to database management, not to mention his consistent open-source contributions. He's also a maintainer for several open-source projects, with a few even featuring in Hacktoberfest (in case you're on the hunt for repos!). When it comes to reviewing and submitting a Pull Request, his attention to detail is unmatched. Rest assured, only the best PRs get the nod when he's in the review chair.